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About Williams Investigations

Management has been conducting private investigations for 40 years and isn’t retired/supplementing a pension or medical retirement, nor does he view investigations as a hobby. We offer extensive field experience and a variety of specialized equipment. The owner was the first private investigator to obtain the CPFI (Certified Professional in Fraud Identification) through the IEA (Insurance Education Association). Although we specialize in work comp fraud cases, we are also known for our expertise in working cases that may require ATV’s, horses, watercraft, SCUBA, snowmobiles, skiing, a drone or aircraft. Two of our owners are pilots, both fixed wing and float. All investigators are Level One and Two in Kinesic Interview Techniques for obtaining statements in AOE-COE (Arising of Employment in the Course of Employment) and other matters requiring written or recorded statements. We have packaged and filed numerous fraud cases utilizing timelines, subrosa video, claimant and witness statements, medical records, reviewing doctor’s reports and comparing them to case timelines and packaging all documentation and evidence on DVDs which DOI and DA personnel really appreciate, filing electronically also. We have field investigators throughout the state of California, in Lake Havasu, Arizona, Lake of the Ozarks Missouri and in the Spokane Washington/Coeur d’ Alene Idaho areas. We also have an agency license pending in Montana. Our investigations are conducted in a lawful manner, without violating any State, Federal or County laws or statutes. We offer one point of contact for clients to assign files, nationwide.

If you have a question or concern, call us, there’s no charge. If it’s out of our area of expertise or service area we’ll try and refer you to another agency that suits your needs, at no cost to you. We can and do function as a designated SIU as necessary, authorized by the California Department of Insurance to file fraud claims electronically with them.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call.

Jack Williams