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Rules and Regulations

  • In California, private investigators are licensed by the Bureau of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security and Investigations. Business and Professions Code Section 7521(b) is the section most often referred to and defines that you must be licensed to conduct investigations, with several exceptions.
  • Senate Bill 262, also known as the Paparazzi Bill, was introduced by Senator Burton and was filed with the Secretary of State on September 30, 1998, it was added to the Civil Code as section 1708.8 Some people thought this would stop work comp fraud surveillance, however there is an exemption for fraud, Section (F). We have boldfaced this section for your reading convenience.
  • Employers Bill of Rights: Two articles by John Miller of the California Work Comp Enquirer magazine.
  • Fair Claims Practices: Excerpt from Fair Claims Practices
  • FCRA: articles on the FCRA and employment law, Sexual Harassment and the FCRA,
  • Changes regarding background investigations. California Civil Code 1786.16.